Our Mosquito Mesh Installations

Explore our completed sites to sense quality, standard and scale of our mosquito mesh system installations.

Private Bungalow

This villa was a great opportunity for us in terms of sizes and application. The customer wanted screens to be installed in the exterior elevation so that they can maximize the use of their balcony.

Luxury Apartment 1

An upscale 6 BHK duplex apartment on the 23rd Floor overlooking the greenest patch in Pune, needed a screening solution which could withstand heavy winds and do justice to the view at the same time.

Villa at Lavasa

This valley facing villa is one of the most challenging locations to work at. Heavy rains along with strong winds made our screens face the toughest environmental conditions.

Luxury Apartment 2

This apartment is a combination of grandness and luxury. The customer was very keen on the functional part of the system and demanded a system which could withstand heavy west facing winds and also be durable.

Luxury Bungalow

A luxurious bungalow in Pune which had a spa on the terrace needed a solution which could provide privacy and ventilation at the same time. The customer emphasized on the aesthetics and sleekness of the system.

MeshWorkz Vs. Competition

MeshWorkz Other
Avoids mosquitoes and insects
Cost effective
Fine polyester mesh
Color options to match decor
Smooth movement
Retractable / saves space
Wind resistance
Magnetic locking
Easy to Setup
After sales service
3 year warranty
Eco friendly