Product Demo

Common Insect Screen Systems are designed like windows, therefore they block the outside view even when they are not in use. Our product on the other hand gets completely folded such that it occupies very little space when not in use. Unlike common window/door screens our products are designed such that they are barely visible when completely retracted. This helps avoid unnecessary blocking of space and movement.

Our Product Range

Pleated Screens

Meshworkz pleated screen is the perfect solution for large openings. Its robust engineering combined with an aesthetic design makes it a cost-effective solution.

Retractable Screens

Essentially retractable screens roll up into a protective housing, becoming virtually invisible when not in use. This system can be retrofitted into any existing door or window.

Light Duty Sliding Series

As the name suggests, this product provides the most basic screening solution for sliding windows. This is not only a low cost system but also an engineered system at the same time.